This Blog is about Bermuda weather. Specifically Winter storms, Spring severe weather, drought, flooding, Hurricanes, and the nice weather too! Some data collected from my PWS will creep its way into the blog every now and then, a lot of Bermuda Weather Service data is going to be used (radar and observations) as it is Bermuda’s official data. Some products from foreign countries may also see their way in every now and then; if it catches my eye and Bermuda isn’t being as active.

You can follow me on Twitter @mikej_wx.

Below are data plots from my PWS, the first row is current data, the rest are graphs of the past 3 days’ weather. Anemometer is at 5m above ground level, thermometer, hygrometer and rain gauge are at 3.5m. Location is about 35m above sea level and is in the lee of hills to the east and south through southwest. My PWS data can also be found on Wunderground but it doesn’t seem to match up with the data on the data logger.

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